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[Track by Track] Traucoholik - Kalku (English Version)

I had heard that certain creatures freed by mistake by the god of celebration and derision, “Gahk’toh”, were spreading their music in Chilean lands.

I entered the forest searching for them so they would tell me the stories behind those melodies. When the moon was in the highest point of the starry night, through some bushes, in an illuminated clearing, I saw “those beings”, celebrating perhaps a special event.

Carefully I approached them, and after convincing them (yes, with beer and food) that I didn’t have bad intentions, they told me about the stories that make this group of songs and now I tell the story to you…

Here’s Kalku by Traucoholik.

Cover Art:
Concept: Perro Asmatiko
The album’s cover is a drawing I made (Perro Asmatiko)thinking about the union between Traucoholik and Chilean mythology, the Tue-tue represents mythology, the fig tree represents the band with a full moon behind it, referencing the “Noche de San Juan” next to a cliff. There’s a secret message behind all this, it’s a similarity with the art from one of “Los Jaivas” album (“Canción Del Sur”), implying that their music has been an inspiration because of their enormous musical talent. Here we make a covenant with the mythology of our country in order to maintain those stories told by the dark side… young Luke.

01. Intro Perimontu

By Âoen Dewü 

The warlock of the storm visualizes the rising of the Kaleuche, leaded by Kai Kai’s adoptee. In his vision, the warlocks of all Chiloé hear the calling of the living ship rising from the depths bellow.

02. Kaleuche

(Lyrics Perro Asmatiko, Music Traucoholik) 

In the present day, the ship’s captain is the evil Sablesangriento (the name translates to Bloody Saber), violently sailing the seas gathering the souls of the fallen, helping his ship’s company who are most of the time thinking only about celebrating.

03. Sakeo

(Lyrics Perro Asmatiko, Music Traucoholik) 

At the end of the song “Kaleuche”, the story goes back into Sablesangriento’s memories of his days as a mortal when he was one of the most soulless pirates to sail the Chilean coasts. Sakeo is a tribute to Sablesangriento’s last night, where he invades La Serena, burning and raping every single corner of the city succumbing to the terror caused by his saber. 

04. Taberna Deúl

Instrumental (Music Traucoholik) 

This is the tavern where every pirate celebrates his lootings. There are no rules here, just get drunk with all the stolen treasures!

05. Bruja de la Bruma

(Lyrics Perro Asmatiko, Music Traucoholik) 

Violent, horny, beautiful and insane… The woman every sailor wants, but in exchange to the pleasure, what’s better than a nice plate of human meat, salted with sea salt.

06. La visión de Sablesangriento

(Lyrics Perro Asmatiko, Music Traucoholik)

With this song we come to the ending of Sablesangriento’s saga, marking the day when he let himself get captured by the Spanish crown, who in La Serena’s central plaza tied him to a log of wood inside a regular boat with chains and heavy blocks, sending him offshore on fire, however, this death was necessary for him to rise as an immortal soul, the definitive captain of Kaleuche.  

07. Tue Tue

(Lyrics Perro Asmatiko, Music Traucoholik) 

This is the main song of the album “Kalku” that proceeds from the native tongue Mapudungun. A long time ago, “Tue Tue” was the name given to the warlocks (men that practiced black magic). Chilean warlocks are generally known for their ability to transform into winged heads that scream “tuetuetuetue”. This is a reference to the Chilean warlock using a black cape, with feathers blacker than darkness itself, a tribute to the men of black magic that in more than one occasion scampered a foreigner with faith in gods different to the indigenous cosmology from ancient times. Particularly, this song is focused on the steps of a bone collecting warlock from the mountains, who works with little elves and bones.

08. Trauco (Demon’s seed) 

(Lyrics Chifulongko/PsicoKiltro, Music Traucoholik) 

Long story short, this is a remake of a song from the demo titled “Traukish Violation”, where we improved the sound quality thanks to the arrival of new members to the band, the blonde ones (Psicokiltro and Kalfvgvrv), and the crazy one (M.F. Rooster). We intended to put a message to ourselves for the day we look back to our work as a band and remember when we used to use the English language so people from around the world would understand the message in our songs, the story behind them, however we overlooked something of great importance, the fact that we were composing “folk” music, and the roots of our culture are in great measure established by our language “chileno” (“po”, “conchetumare”, “weá”, “culiar” for example)so we decided that people from other countries should be patient enough to try to understand our shitty language… So now we write our lyrics in Spanish, or rather, in Chilean (chileno).

09. Kalku 

Instrumental (Music Traucoholik) 

This is the tune played when the devil takes a warlock under the dark night to his caves on the hills, making him into a weapon for his own evildoings and shenanigans. 

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